Whimsical Illustrations

Backyard Bathtub.

Watercolour - Backyard Bathtub - a bathtub underneath the branches of a tree with a golden cage and a bird on a branch.

Animal Stack.

Watercolour - Animal stack - a paradise bird standing on a rabbit sitting on a pony.

Full Moon Tea Party - Sketch.

Ink sketch - Full Moon Tea Party - a tea party in a tree house.

Full Moon Tea Party.

Watercolour - Full Moon Tea Party - a tea party in a tree house.

Snow Companions.

Watercolour - Snow Companions - two animals walk together through a snowy treescape.

Animal Birthday Party.

Watercolour - Animal Birthday Party - a squirrel, dog, teddy bear, fox and cat sit at a table with a cake, with presents in the background.

Tea Party.

Watercolour - Tea Party - tea setting underneath an apple tree.


Watercolour - Valentines - valentine messages.

Guinea Pig Love.

Watercolour - Guinea Pig Love - guinea pig with red heart-shaped balloons.

Make Friends with Your Wolf.

Watercolour - Make Friends with Your Wolf - little red riding hood with her wolf.

Viking Boat.

Watercolour - Viking Boat - viking boat in high seas near rocks.